More women entering into real estate business

HYDERABAD: The practice of brokerage system was prevalent since Harappa and Mohenjo Daro civilisation from 2,600 to 1,900 BC, but even then, it was only open to men.

Only 30 years ago, when Tabassum Varma entered the real estate industry, there were hardly any women agents in the field. Back then, women rarely brokered properties and real estate was a career option only for men.

However, times have changed now and women are defying the status quo to try their luck as realtors. Some of them are doing it on their own and are ‘self-employed’ while others have opted to work for corporate firms.

Women realtors at the 11th NAR India Convention 2019 – ‘Game Changers’, shared the opinion that more often than not, clients receive women brokers with greater optimism since the trust factor is greater with women. Apprehensions of a woman cheating them are lower among the clientele, they opined.

According to Tabassum, a leading realtor now, the industry gleefully welcomes women today. Earlier, women hesitated to take up the job of a ‘broker’, given the taboo associated with it. “But modern-day women are defying the taboos and grabbing the opportunity,” Tabassum said.

When asked about the challenges faced by women in the industry, she said that people from rural backgrounds are still more comfortable sealing the deal with male realtors.

Kovvuru Mamatha, a Hyderabad-based realtor, said that people still have a mental barrier that the industry is still for men. “We have an impression that realtors would be clad in whites, wear noticeable gold jewellery, and move in Gypsy vans. All that is just an image that has been created.”

However, for Mamatha, the sector is not gender-biased in itself. “It is like any other profession,” she said.
“From being fighters, we are now the achievers in the industry. More women should enter into the sector as it has a promising future,” said Mousami Sarma, a builder.