All real estate agents and sales persons to be registered

The Real Estate Association stresses all agents and salespersons need to be registered.

This as the Licensing Board has received complaints against real estate agents who are not registered as a salesperson but are engaging employees.

While the board has received 17 complaints against real estate agents, at least three are in relation to salespeople.

Association President, Anand Goundar says all agents and salespersons need to be registered.

“If they, not REALB has the powers to deal with them, they can either suspend them or cancel their license but we want to work ethically, we want to work according to the law.”

Real Estate Licensing Board Chair, Dr. Abdul Hassan says salespersons in the real estate sector need to be properly screened before they carry out any transactions.

“The salesperson not registered, they have not gone through a process of screening them, in terms of their character, in terms of their knowledge in the real estate sector so we want to ensure that whoever goes out in the field they have that knowledge and a good character person to deal with the prospective vendors.”

Dr. Hassan says agents who are involved should cease such practices and follow the rules and regulations.